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It’s short and no one seems to enjoy it

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I wish cigarettes
Would just leave me
The way you did

Now I wish you would come back
Even if it kills me
The way cigarettes will

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It took me 20 minutes to decide on this title

I like to define things that don’t need defining
Write down the ideas i don’t understand that I’m finding
I feel like I need to sit still and be calm
Until sitting still feels wrong and I do it far too long
I think I think too much so I try to stop
But then i think about it harder and the thought won’t drop
It’s a train that never really had any tracks
My imagination discredits all the known facts
I worry about being care free 
Trying to be happy is so depressing
I look for the things I already see
And sleep comes as a blessing
I don’t like the me I am when he tries
To be the me I like to be dies
Then I think who am I?
And myself replies why ask why

Nonchalant Code

Speaking in nonchalant code, you’re falling apart at the dreams
And i can’t understand a word you said 
I’m giving up on trying to decipher what it means
Walking so pretentious, laughing like the ocean crashes
You giggle like streams babble
Cold like snow and hot like cigarette ashes
You’re a sick joke no one cared enough to explain
It’s like your love is a fear of needles
And i’m the track marks decorating your viens

Between The Sheets

silly fickle lines written to be smitten

fit in tickles behind closed blinds as soft flesh is bitten

simplistic joy in loud laughter

with ensuing giggles after

wiggles and squirms

we wrestle on her terms

never a winner but it’s no race

wish i was thinner as i admire her grace

amazing feats between these clean white sheets

innocent sunday soliloquy

of lovers loving literally

these attachments leech on the rampant release i feed them

mispelt spilled ink lies breech parchment for others to read them

Heart Damage

Heart Damage

It won’t die,

trying to kill time

waiting for my mouth

to catch up to my mind

my lips still cannot speak

upon the thoughts

my heart desires to leak

the point of my insight, so pivotal

pitiful it’s based on relating the physical

if it’s my thought process that harbors emotions

and my heart is but my blood’s host then

my mind is mine for love’s notions

which explains the brain’s strain

whenever I simply think your name

I see wisdom grow through experience

but emotional intelligence interferes with this

there’s no logic in love mind you,

my brain cells need healing

you’ve lowered my I.Q.

with simply a feeling

Chocolates and Roses

This poem is just like Valentine’s Day

It sucks and someone made it up to make money

Pay me 

Hunger Pains

Too hungry to work
Too broke to buy food
Have to eat to live
But I’m not in a living mood

Saturday nights

Eating peyote listening to gotye
Don’t quote what I say

Give me your heart
And I’ll be hard on it
Like a certain white
Scheduled one narcotic

Chaos riegns, fuck intercourse
I’m saving myself for divorce

Tickle me where it hurts

This internal hell
Will only prevail
If you mention it
I seek to be well
By making it fail
And put some dents in it
If you’re not buying it
How about renting it